Technical Authoring

The ability to author and manage quality technical content is one of the keys to building a successful technical documentation company, and it is the main reason that JANA has been successful in providing solutions to our customers for over 45 years.

Because JANA serves such a diverse group of industries, we develop, manage and deliver documentation in a variety of formats, from the more common Microsoft and Adobe Tools to custom legacy data systems to XML/SGML.

Our off-the-shelf and internally developed data authoring and management tools provide JANA with the ability to mirror a customer's in-house environment - giving us the ability to not only meet any customer requirements, but to offer new ideas and apply solutions to satisfy any scenario.

Whether you want us to create a one-off manual, a set of manuals to cover a variety of tasks or a library of documents that all have the same look and feel, JANA can build documents to virtually any standard, and deliver in virtually any format.