Software Solutions

JANA employs a talented staff of software designers who specialize in writing and customizing software applications which help our customers work smarter, not harder.

From database creation and management to the design of fully developed software tool suites, JANA’s software designers apply their creativity and expertise in ways that help some of the world’s largest and most successful companies reach their program goals - and to accomplish them with much greater efficiency than they were able to achieve prior to teaming with JANA.

ProVision Suite

Due to their involvement in a highly regulated global industry, huge data management and publihing demands are placed in aircraft component OEMs and operators. Companies world-wide have benefited from the use of a suite of applications designed by JANA and offered together in a software package known as our ProVision Suite. The ProVision Suite is a set of innovative tools designed for the creation and management of Air Transport Association (ATA) Specification 100/2200 parts lists and ATA Specification 2000 S/T/V provisioning files.

The ProVision Suite consists of three different software modules:

  • Automated Parts Cataloger
  • T-File Generator
  • Spares Director

Database Development, Access and Management

JANA can ease the strain of developing and maintaining your technical documentation library or database. In most cases, JANA can manage your technical data with better efficiency and at a lower cost that can be achieved using your internal resources - all while providing documentation that meets the publishing requirements of our digital age.

No longer will you worry about the costs associated with implementation lead-time or reassignment of internal resources. JANA's dedicated staff of experienced developers and technical support personnel to provide a mix of hosted or remote supported database services throughout the process, all based on your requirements.