ProVision Suite

JANA's ProVision Suite™ is a collection of three highly innovative software tools designed for the creation and management of Air Transport Association (ATA) Specification 100/2200 parts lists and ATA Specification 2000 S/T/V provisioning files.

The three Windows-based ProVision tools can be purchased and used individually or with any of the other tools in the suite, and each can be customized to satisfy any company’s internal documentation requirements.

Advantages to Using JANA’s ProVision Suite to Manage ATA Parts Lists and Provisioning Files:

  • Use of a common database allows for synchronization of parts list and provisioning data
  • Complementary tools completely cover the Life Cycle Management (LCM) of data and documents
  • Document revision control is automated and tracked by the relevant software tools
  • Each tool offers standard interfaces to external data/systems
  • Output from each tool is customizable to satisfy unique requirements


Automated Parts Cataloger

JANA’s Automated Parts Cataloger™ is designed to manage the illustrations and parts lists associated with Illustrated Parts Lists (IPLs) for ATA 100/2200 Component Maintenance Manuals. The software features:

  • WYSIWYG edit screen
  • Bookmarked PDF output
  • Automated revision control
  • Simplified artwork management
  • Auto-generated indexes
  • Bill of Materials (BOM) import capability


T-File Generator

JANA’s T-File Generator™ is designed to automate the creation and management of T-Files based on IPL data. The software features:

  • Standard interface to import iSPEC 2200 SGML and annual price catalog data
  • Selectable business rules to support Boeing or Airbus T-File specifications
  • Automated revision control
  • Enterprise T-File reporting

In addition to its T-File generation and management capabilities, the T-File Generator can generate S-Files, and reformat either T-Files or S-Files as V-Files.


Spares Director

JANA’s Spares Director™ is designed to automate the creation of Recommended Spare Parts Lists (RSPLs) for fleet operators, using Spec 2000 S-Files as the data source. The Spares Director features:

  • User determined provisioning periods
  • Ramp acquisition schedule capability