JANA's History and Heritage

JANA's History

JANA was originally incorporated by our founder in 1973 as Joseph A. Niland and Associates. Over time the name of the company was informally shortened to JANA, and the name was officially changed to JANA, Inc. in 1978.

JANA originally operated as the San Antonio branch of a much larger company known as Hayes International (now part of Pemco Aviation Group). At that time, Hayes' San Antonio branch was dedicated to winning and performing government small-business set-aside contracts. In late 1972, however, Hayes International made the strategic decision to move away from pursuing those types of contracts in favor of pursuing larger government contracts, and made the decision to close its San Antonio branch. Joseph Niland, who had managed the branch for over twenty years, convinced leadership at Hayes to sell the branch to him instead of closing it outright, and the company as we know it today was founded in August of 1973.


JANA's Heritage

Over the last 45 years JANA has earned a reputation as a company that can be counted on to provide high quality technical services to companies in any industry. The consistency in our approach to providing these services to our clients is clear when looking back at our previous marketing materials.

From the 1982 version of our services brochure:

Since its founding in 1973, JANA has enjoyed continuous and steady growth and success in the highly competitive engineering and technical publishing marketplace. We take pride in our proven abilities to support contractual requirements in widely separated geographical areas. Our reputation has been built on our personnel, production capabilities, versatility and willingness to adapt to any peculiar set of circumstances required in any given project. We are fortunate to have both cash reserves and lines of credit that are more than adequate to support our needs to adapt and grow for the maximum benefit of our customers.
JANA is one of the largest small-business-contracting firms in the country. We will be glad to provide you with a detailed listing which documents our experience. Should you wish to ask our present or past customers about JANA, we'll gladly provide references. One of the strongest statements about the quality of JANA is the loyalty and dedication of our people, as evidenced by their many years with the firm. We hope that we can form a lasting working relationship with you. We look forward to your inquiry.

From the 2004 version of our services brochure:

JANA's basic philosophy has not changed in over 30 years. We believe in a firm commitment to providing our customers total service, complete project management and exceptional quality assurance. We focus on our customers' immediate needs as well as their long-term goals, providing services that are scalable for growth and transition. We focus on long-term relationships and solutions, not quick fixes.
For over three decades, JANA has provided the experience, expertise and resources necessary to provide superior quality engineering and technical documentation services in a turn-key environment. We operate like a seamless extension of your company, without the overhead and at a lower overall cost. Our strength is based on our ability to offer you a complete package, providing relief from the burden of continually maintaining resources and managing the complex tasks associated with documentation management.

We use a very similar narrative to describe JANA's service offerings to this day. This is an excerpt from our current services brochure:

We've grown a lot since Joseph A. Niland founded our company, but through it all, JANA has remained privately owned. Because we are privately owned, our business model is progressive, providing a unique position that allows us the flexibility to integrate new techniques and systems and the ability to change direction quickly. This has made JANA one of the most successful and cost-effective technical documentation companies in the industry.
JANA also has a business philosophy that has remained constant for over 40 years - by focusing on our customers' immediate needs and long-term growth, we can provide services that are scalable and flexible. That's "The JANA Way" - always looking beyond the quick fixes - and it has translated into many long-term corporate relationships, a fact that we are very proud of.