JANA Solution Briefs

JANA understands the ever-changing requirements for data delivery, and helps companies to wade through the changes in many ways.

Below are a few of the ways JANA has helped companies just like yours.

Maintenance Task / Work Card Development



Airframe manufacturers are expanding the scope of maintenance programs to comply with the FAA’s Enhanced Airworthiness Program for Airplane Safety (EAPAS). The EAPAS ruling requires operators to incorporate Instructions for Continued Airworthiness (ICA) for wiring under parts 121 and 129 into their maintenance or inspection programs.

The following FAA mandated aging aircraft programs require authored maintenance programs in strict accordance with published guidelines:
• 14CFR 121.111- Electrical Wiring Interconnect System (EWIS)
• 14CFR 121.1113- Fuel Tank Safety (FTS)
• 14CFR 121.1117- Flammability Reduction Means (FRM)


Incorporation of OEM ICAs are an unexpected burden on operators. As such, many operators will be slow to incorporate the wiring ICA in their maintenance/inspection programs. These rules and requirements continue to evolve resulting in endless scramble to avoid non-compliance.


Maintenance program workload already over-burdens operators, and without additional support delays in addressing operator cost saving initiatives and/or other required work or non-compliance will occur.


Operators need to have a temporary surge in staffing levels to update their task cards to current FAA guidance and address routine efforts to avoid non-compliance.

JANA Can Help

JANA has significant experience with work cards, maintenance programs and maintenance manuals. Our team of subject matter and technology experts can work with your staff and environment to get your maintenance program and work cards up to FAA requirements. Give us the opportunity to discuss your situation and business needs. Together we can pinpoint and quantify actionable improvements that align with your business goals to deliver tangible benefits.


Impact of Technical Documentation on Customer Support

Manufacturer information related to operating or servicing equipment can be difficult to find and understand, unavailable in the desired media format, and/or significantly out-dated.
Effort required to maintain and deliver support information can be excessive.

Foreign language requirements multiply the workload and costs.


Legacy documentation systems are unable to concurrently deliver information to print, web, and tablets.
Customers spend an inordinate amount of time trying to find the information needed.
Information is inconsistent and often difficult to understand.


Equipment down time is increased by time required to find correct information.
Customers must contact call center to get the required information.
OEM publications staff spend time hand-crafting each print, web, and tablet output.
Foreign language translation costs limit globalization of content, delaying and prohibiting sales in foreign markets.


OEMs need to make their documentation:
Easier to find and understand.
Easier to create and update.
More adaptable (Multi device delivery).
Less expensive to translate.

JANA Can Help

Manufacturing companies have partnered with JANA for over 40 years to implement technology and workflows that improve the creation, management, and delivery of technical information while reducing the overall cost.