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Engineering Services

JANA helps companies reach their engineering goals by becoming an extension of their own internal engineering teams.

Peaks and valleys in your engineering workload are inevitable. Managing an engineering program when there is more work than people is no fun. The opposite is worse. JANA helps companies better manage the peaks and valleys by supplementing their internal resources with our own skilled engineers - allowing them to better and more easily budget their own time and money resources. When the work is there, we're here to help. When the work is not there, there's no need for layoffs, cutbacks, or expensive early retirement packages. Win, win.

We provide world-class engineering services. It's what we do.

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Technical Documentation Services

JANA helps companies recognize and realize the full value of their technical information.

In today's world, access to your technical information is increasingly important to people - employees, technicians, mechanics, support staff, vendors, distributors, end users - who connect to your data using a wide variety of devices. Whether you know it or not, your company's technical information has value.

Unfortunately the value of your information is negatively affected by a number of factors, both obvious and hidden. JANA will help your company eliminate the negative factors that limit the value and effectiveness of your technical information. For more than 45 years we have been a leader in the engineering and technical documentation services industry, and we use the knowledge and experience that we have gained during that time to provide specific services that will help you to increase the value of (and returns from) your information and data. 

We create, manage and publish quality data. It's what we do.

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