Documentation Solutions

For over 45 years, JANA has helped companies reach their goals and succeed in managing their technical documentation efforts.

JANA’s reputation as a world-class provider of technical documentation services was built as a result of our dedication to providing our clients with exceptional service, and has been cemented through our professional association with many of the world’s largest corporations - including several members of the Fortune 100.

In a business environment where technical data requirements are growing exponentially but deadlines and budgets are continually tightening, JANA’s employees use their process management expertise and their superior technical documentation knowledge to assist companies who lack the resources to complete their own documentation projects on time and on budget.

Companies of every size and from every industry have come to JANA seeking solutions to their technical documentation woes - and JANA has the knowledge and experience to provide them with…

The right solutions, right now.

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Technical Authoring 
The ability to author and manage quality technical content is one of the keys to building a successful technical documentation company, and it is the main reason that JANA has been successful in providing solutions to our customers for over 45 years.

Illustration and CAD 
In some classifications of technical documentation, inclusion of a drawing or diagram is a requirement. In many other technical documentation applications, a picture is simply worth 1000 words (or more). In any case, JANA has a staff of talented technical illustrators and CAD operators to seamlessly blend your pictures, illustrations and drawings into any document.

Structured Data Development and Management 
JANA understands structured data and the issues that surround its implementation. From HTML to S1000D, we have the expertise, the resources and the skilled workforce to move your structured data project forward.

JANA Knows Data™, and we understand the issues that surround its creation and ongoing management. Using the corporate knowledge that we have obtained through decades of industry leadership, JANA helps companies bridge the gap between where they are and where they want to be in terms of delivering high-quality technical documentation.