Legacy Data Conversion

For decades JANA has successfully managed large legacy data conversion projects for customers in a variety of industries - with an unmatched level of expertise and at extremely competitive costs.

Even after a company has recognized the business advantages provided by a move to structured data, the task of converting their legacy data can be daunting, and might sometimes even seem impossible. JANA has the experience, tools and knowledge base to simplify the process of data conversion and migration, and take your company’s project from daunting to done.

Migrating from one content structure to another is occasionally part of the landscape of working with technical information. That migration can involve the data format (e.g., MS Word to XML) and/or the structure (e.g., monolithic ‘documents’ with minimal tagging to a semantically rich tagging structure). Even more challenging is when the content has to be deconstructed and reconstructed in a modular data model such as DITA or S1000D that requires content to be reorganized into stand-alone modules. Regardless of the challenge, JANA can help.

Upfront analysis and understanding the constraints of your legacy content and the requirements of your new technology allow us to develop requirements that are designed-in upfront. We develop content reuse strategies, metadata strategies and taxonomy strategies designed for your future-state that allow you to get the most out of your technical information environment. Our team utilizes automation when and where possible to apply efficient and consistent technology that reduce project costs. We supplement that with our technical writers that can make the human “judgement calls” that automated scripts cannot reasonably handle. The result is business ready content that meets your business requirements and allows you to achieve returns on your investment sooner rather than later.  

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