Structured Content in Life Science

In this guest-penned blog entry, Fonto's Jan Benedictus shares his views on the potential of structured content authoring for the life sciences industry, and explains why it is believed that structured content will enter the life sciences 'Plateau of Productivity' within the next few years.

ATA Spec 2500 and Blockchain

Blockchain has recently been mentioned as a disruptive technology that may provide benefits to various business processes involving multiple stakeholders and “proof” that various events occurred. This presentation, given by Don Bridges at the 2019 ATA eBusiness Forum, shows how Blockchain may affect both the storage of and transfer of Aircraft Records, and the possible impact on ATA Spec 2500.

What is Data Conditioning and Cleaning?

Data conditioning and cleaning are two different concepts that are closely related. Both are designed to optimize the integrity of data and make its management more conducive to the goals of the company. While each of these techniques can be used in isolation of one another, having them completed in tandem is the best choice for many businesses.

Cognitive Computing, Industry 4.0, Predictive Maintenance, Data Conditioning…What Does It All Mean?

In today's connected world, there are business terms that come and go and those that change form but still have the same meaning. So how do you go about keeping up with the ever-changing digital landscape terminology while knowing exactly what to do once you've deciphered it?

Real-life DITA and STE Metrics

In this guest-penned blog entry, Club Car's Eric Petzoldt shares with everyone some thoughts that he documented following his company's transition from DocBook to DITA (in 2016). He hopes, as we do, that this information might be beneficial to you as you continue your own march toward technical information dominance.

Eight New Year's Resolutions for Technical Information Managers

Now that we’ve put a bow on 2018 (and had a little bit of time to clean out our inboxes after returning to work after the holidays), it’s time to start digging in and moving forward in 2019. What better way to get started than by taking an introspective look at yourself and your department? JANA has put together a list of 8 New Year’s Resolutions that will help to put you on a path to a productive 2019.

Six Things That Technical Information Managers and Developers Should Be Thankful For

If you have a typical family, none of the people gathered around your Thanksgiving table are going to want to hear about how thankful you are for any of the developments in our industry that have made your job easier - but in the event that you are asked to share your thoughts prior to your company’s pre-Thanksgiving potluck, feel free to use any (or all) of the following things that we at JANA are thankful for.

5 Horror Scenarios Every Technical Information Manager Must Avoid

Halloween is a time of year when it can be fun to pop some popcorn, cuddle up in a warm blanket and scream at the TV while you watch a  scary movie…

Don't open that door!
Don't answer the phone!

Being a technical information manager during the transition to a new system or specification can be scary, too, especially if you find yourself in a nightmare scenario with a bunch of unknowns lurking around every corner.

Beyond Technology, Implementing Cultural Change

In this blog entry, XML Consultant Don Bridges gives his thoughts on why spending money on a technology-based solution may not always be the answer.

The Importance of Using Approved Procedures

In this blog entry, Jeff LaFontsee offers a real-life instance to underscore the potentially tragic consequences of deviating from an approved set of maintenance procedures.


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