Why DITA? Workshop

(53 minutes)

JANA's Joe Storbeck  and SDL's Chip Gettinger each describe what they believe to be the top 3 benefits of using DITA, and answer viewer questions.


In this installment of our Why DITA? Workshop, JANA's Joe Storbeck was joined by SDL's Chip Gettinger, and the two experts presented what they each believe to be the top three benefits of enterprise-wide DITA use. They also took some time to answer questions from several webinar attendees during an interactive Q&A session. 

So if you've heard of DITA and you're wondering what all of the buzz is about, or if you are looking to build a business case for using DITA at your company, click the link, and join Joe and Chip as they share their expertise with viewers in this installment of Why DITA? Workshop, presented by JANA.