T-File Development & Delivery

JANA's T-File Generator is an application for the development and delivery of required provisioning data, known as a T-File.

Product Support Agreements obligate component suppliers to deliver T-Files. T-Files are critical to component manufacturers because they contain data used to develop initial provisioning recommendations to operators.

The ability to deliver technically correct T-Files requires more than an authoring tool and a copy of the specification. It requires detailed knowledge about the structure and information content of an Illustrated Parts List as it relates to a T-File. It also requires awareness of T-File delivery nuances that exist across different airframe and engine manufacturers and what "rules of thumb" or "best practices" need to be applied.

For many years, JANA has been an ATA committee participant involved with the development of ATA specifications. The knowledge gained through these experiences has enabled JANA to develop a highly automated T-File process that provides a cost effective, fast turn around option for companies with T-File delivery requirements. JANA has been developing and delivering 'S' & 'T' files for the aviation industry since 1994.

JANA develops and delivers T-Files for customers that rely on us to author, manage and produce CMM level data. Because JANA develops data in-house using the ProVision applications, we're able to create T-Files virtually with the push of a button.

JANA's T-File Development and Delivery options for customers

  • Customers can create their own T-Files using the ProVision T-File Generator in conjunction with the IPL Cataloguer.
  • JANA will create T-Files as part of CMM development, management and delivery services.
  • JANA will develop and deliver T-Files for customers with that specific requirement, whether it's 10 or 10,000 T-Files.