Structured Data Development and Management

JANA understands structured data and the issues that surround its implementation.

JANA has established itself at the forefront of the drive toward the development and use of structured data and reusable content in technical documentation, and is leading the way in SGML and XML authoring, development, conversion and publishing.

In the years after JANA was founded, the methods for creating and managing technical documentation began to shift rapidly from pen and paper to mouse and keyboard.  JANA recognized this trend early on, and now has more than 30 years of experience in the creation, management and storage of electronic data. Today, the trend is toward reusable content and structured data, and JANA has again positioned itself at the forefront of this digital evolution. As a result, JANA has more than 15 years of SGML and XML writing and conversion experience, and is heavily involved in shaping the future of SGML and XML standards within the aviation industry.