Provisioning Software for Maintenance Managers


San Antonio,Texas - Airframe and component manufacturers now have an opportunity to take advantage of the latest innovations in provisioning software technology. The software, called ProVision Suite, is a life cycle support system for the creation and enterprise management of ATA Specification 2000 S/T Files. Key benefits include automated processes that minimize file development time and built-in validation rules to insure data integrity. The software has been developed by San Antonio based JANA, Inc., a Texas Corporation.

ProVision Suite offers a variety of customizable solutions to assist aviation maintenance and repair managers with the task of managing global parts supply chains. By setting up electronic feeds into all the data management systems involved in a parts supply chain, ProVision Suite compiles the manufacturers information related to an item electronically, instead of by the traditional manual method. Another benefit of the software is the ability to incorporate ongoing revisions automatically so that the S/T-Files are completely updated at all times.

Additional software modules currently available within the ProVision Suite are the Cataloger and Spares Director. The Cataloger provides parts listing capabilities for the creation of Illustrated Parts Catalogs and Illustrated Parts Lists (IPC/IPL). The Spares Director is utilized to predict demand for spare parts based on user supplied fleet criteria and reliability requirements. Internally maintained S/T files provide the source data that allows the automated generation of Spare Part Recommendation reports based on user supplied scenarios.

JANA specializes in providing cost-effective approaches to authoring, managing and distributing technical documentation related to the aviation, heavy equipment and manufacturing industries. JANA also provides other services such as Legacy Data Conversion, CAD/Illustrations, SGML/XML publishing, training courseware development and web enabled product support environments.

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