Through our partnership with Docware, JANA can now offer the standard software for electronic spare parts catalogs, service information systems and e-commerce solutions for the parts sales.

Parts-Publisher is a configurable, modular designed and customizable standard software for the professional management and optimized provision of part, service and product information. It puts equipment manufacturers and operators of all industries in the position to provide, distribute and update spare parts and service information professionally.

Parts-Publisher delivers all data (spare parts information, graphics, circuit diagrams, service manuals, service bulletins, etc.) necessary for service, repair, maintenance, sales and spare personnel up-to-date, location-independent, 24/7 in up to 35 languages, filtered according to serial number, product line and/or configuration – all in one system.

With the database-driven software you easily, quickly and cost-efficiently provide:

• Spare parts catalogues (print, CD/DVD, Internet, 2D, 3D)
• Service information systems
• Spare part shops
• Integrated e-commerce solutions (B2B, B2C) for the spare parts sales
• E-service solutions
• Service portals (et al. including guarantee handling)

Key features of Parts-Publisher

  •  Open system architecture, standard interfaces:
    Easy integration in your IT environment and your business processes; easy integration with ERP,   PLM, PDM, DMS, CAD, etc.
  •  Future-proof:
    Based on industrial standards, use of up-to-date technology, continuous and market-driven enhancements, regular releases.
  • Data security:
    Different security mechanisms guarantee a maximum of security for your catalogue data (128 BIT data encryption, expiration date for catalogue use terminable, secure access control, etc.)
  • International use:
    Customers throughout the world, catalogues in all national languages possible (Parts-Publisher supports Unicode)

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