Parts Cataloging

Whatever your industry, whatever the situation...JANA has the right parts cataloging solution for you.

Automated Parts Cataloging Software (APCS)

For our friends in the Aviation industry we have a tool specifically designed as an ATA 100/i2200 compliant system for the efficient creation and management of IPL data.  The Automated Parts Cataloging Software or APCS is a Windows based application developed for the life cycle management of Component Maintenance Manual (CMM) IPLs. Output is delivered in PDF and SGML formats. The application also integrates with the JANA T-File Generator application to enable the automated creation of T-Files. APCS can be used as a stand alone application or utilized within the ProVision Complete integrated applications.

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Through our partnership with Docware, JANA can now offer the standard software for electronic spare parts catalogs, service information systems and e-commerce solutions for the parts sales.

Parts-Publisher is a configurable, modular designed and customizable standard software for the professional management and optimized provision of part, service and product information. It puts equipment manufacturers and operators of all industries in the position to provide, distribute and update spare parts and service information professionally.

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Parts Catalog Authoring

If software is not what you are interested in than JANA can still support you by providing nearly 40 years of experience in creating Parts Catalogs.  No matter your industry or requirements JANA can support you with a team of technical writers.

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