Optimized Program Implementation

When your product development has outpaced your documentation development and you need to implement an aggressive completion schedule, JANA can help.

Many organizations find themselves in the situation of having products on the market but lacking the documentation expected by customers, dealers, and/or regulatory authorities (such as OSHA, or the FAA). This is particularly relevant for manufacturers that have a main office overseas and are establishing a presence in the United States or North American market. Expectations in the North American market are different than in Europe or Asia - both in terms of what types of data are provided, and the ways that it is provided.

JANA provides a comprehensive service to build the engineering, documentation and training infrastructure required to meet the needs and expectations of customer bases within the North American market.

From building a roadmap that will account for the current situation and market growth projections to preparing for evolving processes and change management, JANA has a track record of providing:

  • A centralized system for developing, managing, publishing and delivering data
  • Data that can be consolidated, converted, re-used and updated
  • Full system support, plus full training and set-up support
  • Open architecture systems designed for growth and flexibility