Infographic: Best Practices for Technology Change

This infographic is based on JANA’s presentation Crossing the Chasm: Best Practices for Technology Change delivered at the Content Management Strategies / DITA NA 2017 Conference by JANA's Don Bridges.  



DITA Infographic: Why Using Short Descriptions Gets Results

This infographic touches on a few of the topics that were discussed during the Short Descriptions webinar hosted by JANA's Joe Storbeck and  and IXIASOFT's Keith Schengili-Roberts. 



DITA infographic: Business Case for DITA

This fun and colorful infographic lays out 8 key advantages to using DITA to manage your technical information.




DITA Infographic: 3 Major Benefits of using DITA

Although the Top 3 Benefits of using DITA are debatable (click here to hear JANA's Joe Storbeck and SDL's Chip Gettinger each give their top three), there is no question that the three benefits shown in this infographic are near the top of any list.



DITA Infographic: Enterprise Value of DITA

As big of a benefit as DITA can be to your technical writing department, its benefits do not stop there. This infographic gives you an idea of how DITA can benefit other areas within your company as well.