Implementation, Configuration and Integration

Developing a roadmap for improving how you create, manage and deliver technical information is a critical first step to getting you technical information process needs to be. Executing the plan is just as critical. JANA has the experience, expertise and capability to partner with you to make the plan a reality.

Technology Selection

Frequently the roadmap will identify a technology stack or a set of functional requirements that the technology needs to support. JANA has built a solid understanding of most tools typically utilized in the technical information ecosystem. This understanding allows us to research options and suggest which tools best align with your needs. JANA maintains an agnostic position regarding tool vendors – which means that your requirements and needs and how various tools meet those needs are the only things that we consider in our analysis. While JANA has partner relationships with many what we consider ‘best of breed’ software companies, our reputation is built on keeping the customer’s needs first.

Implementation and Configuration

Once a specific tool set is identified and procured, JANA can install the software and configure it to your requirements. As an ISO-certified organization, we utilize a pre-defined process to document your requirements and then implement and configure the tools to meet your requirements.


All technical information technology stacks have the basic core components of ‘creation’, ‘management’ and ‘delivery’. In some cases the integration between these core components has already been developed and connectors are supplied with the software or as an additional component. In other cases the integration is not available or the pre-supplied connectors don’t meet your business needs as-is. JANA can use the existing APIs (‘hooks’) to integrate your technical information process within itself or to other applications utilized in your organization. While typically custom in nature, integrations allow you to extend your processes beyond your department and import or export information utilized by or for other applications.


For decades JANA has successfully managed large legacy data conversion projects for customers in a variety of industries - with an unmatched level of expertise and at extremely competitive costs.

Our processes have the flexibility to support turn-key outsourced conversion (with re-write if/as required), conversion Do-It-Yourself web portals that allow you convert single documents whenever required, and tool suites that operate inside your organization for total control and security of your content. Our mission is to provide the right solution that meets your needs – every time.

Even after a company has recognized the business advantages provided by a move to structured data, the task of converting their legacy data can be daunting, and might sometimes even seem impossible. JANA has the experience and knowledge base to simplify the process of data conversion and migration, and take your company’s project from daunting to done.

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