DITA Support

DITA is an emerging XML standard that has been embraced by the technical documentation community. Beyond ‘single source publishing’ (which all XML standards provide), DITA facilitates content reuse (or ‘single source authoring’) in a straight-forward manner. DITA segregates content into topics which once created can be used in multiple instances in the documentation set. DITA is similar to the S1000D construct used in military and commercial aerospace applications, but is much simpler to implement and utilize.

When migrating to a DITA environment, you have many things to consider. How do I prepare the organization for DITA? (It is a very different paradigm – especially if coming from a monolithic word processing format like Microsoft Word™ or Adobe Framemaker™.) What should my roadmap look like? What tools should I use? What about my legacy content?

JANA can support the largest or smallest organization with DITA implementations. Our experienced staff can support all aspects of your journey, from building a business case for budget approval to accounting for business processes and change management to helping you communicate the project needs and status to key stakeholders to implementing a reuse strategy. And content reuse is the lynchpin that takes DITA from a ‘good idea’ to a major cost savings for the organization. At a 2011 Conference, Medtronic (a medical device manufacturer) reported that 95% of their content is reused – a major cost savings and a strategic advantage.

If you would like to open the dialog to understand how JANA can support your DITA implementation, please contact us at http://www.janacorp.com/contact_us