A properly implemented content reuse strategy will make a big impact on any technology company’s bottom line, and for many companies the right reuse strategy revolves around DITA implementation.

Companies world-wide are realizing that content reuse is the lynchpin that takes DITA from a ‘nice idea’ to major cost savings for the organization. While the DITA structure itself provides data management and technical publications flexibility, the content reuse is the key to dramatically reducing the time, effort and cost required to create and publish technical documents.

A DITA-compliant document segregates content into topics which, once created, can be used in multiple instances within the documentation set (whether it is a single publication or an entire library). 

No matter where your company is at in the DITA implementation process - from evaluation, to ramping up your DITA implementation efforts, to making the push to close out your DITA conversion program - JANA’s experts can assist your implementation efforts at any level and at any scale.


DITA Consulting

JANA employs some of the most knowledgeable and well-respected DITA experts in the world - including multiple people who were involved in the development and rollout of the spec itself. They have helped some of the world's largest and most successful companies develop a winning technical publications strategy - from building a business case to corporate-wide DITA integration - and will help do the same for your company.

When trying to create and implement a DITA strategy at an enterprise level, there are questions that must be answered at every step along the way:

  • How do I prepare my organization for DITA?
  • What should my implementation roadmap look like?
  • What tools should I use?
  • What about updating my legacy content?
  • How will I store all of the data?

Our DITA consultation team will provide the expert insight required to answer these questions (and many more), and will assist your company in avoiding the pitfalls which would otherwise prevent your company from enjoying all of the benefits that proper application of the DITA standard affords.


DITA Authoring and Legacy Conversion

From kickoff to completion, JANA’s experienced writers and project management staff will support all aspects of your DITA implementation or conversion project.

In our years working with the DITA specification, JANA has helped any number of companies in their efforts by providing the manpower required to power a tough project through to completion. As a respected provider of technical publications services for over 40 years, JANA has extensive resources that it can bring to bear on your project - no matter the size.

If you are looking for a partner in your attempts to start, continue or complete your DITA project, there is no better choice than JANA.


DITA vs. S1000D

DITA is similar in many respects to the S1000D construct used in military and commercial aerospace applications, but is much simpler to implement and utilize. 

JANA has decades of experience in helping companies of all sizes to improve their bottom line by implementing structured data strategies and methodologies, with extensive experience using both DITA and S1000D.

For more information related to S1000D and the benefit of its use, click on the link below: