XML Consulting & Systems Integration

Managing your organization’s technical information is a challenge.

  • New writers need to be trained on the latest software.
  • New content needs to be created or added to the system.
  • Content may need to be translated.
  • Users want to access the information on mobile devices.
  • Engineering makes changes that impact the technical information.

You are so busy keeping up with the day-to-day that you don’t have time to be strategic.

There are lots of companies that can help you solve the business challenges around technical information. Some have been around for a few years, others for decades.

JANA is unique. Over almost 45 years we have implemented, configured and integrated hundreds of technical information environments that we then used to create, manage and deliver technical information across a variety of industries, technologies and tools. We’ve trained hundreds of technical writers that then use those skills in-house. We’re constantly measuring performance and implementing improvements to the systems that we use. If you value a partner that not only talks the talk but walks the walk, JANA is the right answer.

Explore how JANA partners with our customers to evaluate and improve their technical information processes:

Check-up & Roadmap - JANA’s System Check-up is a high-level analysis of the overall status of your company’s technical information resources, capabilities, tools and immediate needs. Our System Roadmap takes a deeper dive into your situation to provide a more complete picture of your company's goals and objectives, comparing them to your current resources and capabilities and mapping out a solution that will ensure that the proper technical information management tools and processes are in place to provide for success now and in the future.

Analysis - JANA’s consultants have built a vast amount of industry experience and knowledge through our nearly 45 years in service to the technical documentation industry, and will leverage their expertise to execute a thorough review of your documentation library and your user base to identify the XML strategy (and combination of tools) that best suits your data, your team and your customers.

Implementation, Configuration, & Integration - Developing a roadmap for improving how you create, manage and deliver technical information is a critical first step to getting you technical information process needs to be. Executing the plan is just as critical. JANA has the experience, expertise and capability to partner with you to make the plan a reality.

Legacy Data Conversion - Even after a company has recognized the business advantages provided by a move to structured data, the task of converting their legacy data can be daunting, and might sometimes even seem impossible. JANA has the experience and knowledge base to simplify the process of data conversion and migration, and take your company’s project from daunting to done.

Training - When you spend time and money to get the right documentation management and authoring tool, you may overlook the importance of training your staff to use those tools. If you are limiting your training to the user guide that came with the tools, you are cheating yourself.