Beyond Technology, Implementing Cultural Change

In this blog entry, XML Consultant Don Bridges gives his thoughts on why spending money on a technology-based solution may not always be the answer.

The Importance of Using Approved Procedures

In this blog entry, Jeff LaFontsee offers a real-life instance to underscore the potentially tragic consequences of deviating from an approved set of maintenance procedures.

Using Short Descriptions for Search Engine Optimization

In this blog entry, Joe Storbeck provides his views on one of the biggest reasons to build a strong Short Description strategy: SEO.

A Metadata Primer (and why you should care)

If you are looking for information on what metatdata is and how it can help your customers and end users find your data, you'll want to pay close attention to Don's latest blog entry.

Publication Currency - Shedding Some Light on 14 CFR 121.133

JANA Senior Business Analyst Jeff LaFontsee is one of the most respected names in the business, and he delights in sharing his expert insight as it relates to the management of maintenance publications. In this blog entry, Jeff uses his decades of experience to illuminate a Federal Regulation that is wide open to interpretation.

The Digital Disruption of Technical Publications

Read Don Bridges' take on the changing face of technical publications through the prism of Digital Disruption.

In the beginning...

Open book with empty pages

Here's a look at The DITA Writer's interviews with two DITA pioneers, Don Day and Michael Priestley and their memories of DITA's birth.


DITA Treasures

Old frail treasure map

Are you braving the wilds of the web looking for information on DITA? Are you hunting through dusty stacks of your library? (Yes, libraries do still exist!) Or have you mounted an expedition to a bookstore? (Perhaps more rare than a library, but they too are still around.) Well, I'm here to help. This post covers some of the best caches of valuable DITA  assets.

Where DITA Calls Home

Bird brining dita back to the nest

In an earlier post, I wrote about the history of DITA and where it came from. Today, I thought I would give you some information about DITA's current caretakers.

Looking for trouble with DITA 1.3

Hole in the shape of a question mark with a ladder going down

One of the results of good technical documentation is reducing calls to your product's help desk. DITA 1.3 has added new features to help you create better troubleshooting topics. Let's take a look at them.


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