Need an experienced partner to help support
your S1000D™ projects?

JANA offers a full suite of S1000D technical publication services and is ready to support your requirements whether it be for Boeing, Airbus, Sikorsky or other aerospace companies.

The JANA Difference

  • JANA utilizes PTC’s ‘Best in Class’ S1000D suite of software tools
  • Common Source Database (CSDB) incorporates document and content management as well as workflow control and client collaboration capabilities
  • LSA, parts list and provisioning integration
  • SCORM compliant E-Learning support
  • Deliverables that meet all S1000D requirements

JANA provides authoring and consulting services according to your organization’s specific S1000D requirements in any or all of the following areas:

Data Conversion
Moves your data to compliant SGML or XML

JANA has the people and systems to analyze the source data to determine its automation potential. JANA can apply added structure if required to ensure a cost-efficient, programmatic data conversion.

Data Module Requirements List (DMRL)
Defines the document structure

A thorough analysis of the source data enables JANA to develop a high level DMRL. The detailed DMRL is developed to meet your specific requirements.

Project Setup
Includes the following:

  • application modification of Data Type Definitions (DTD)
  • finalization of Business Rule Exchange (BREX)
  • developing the S1000D standard numbering system(SNS)
  • creation of all other project specific entities

S1000D Authoring/Technical Writing
Performed utilizing PTC Arbortext Epic Editor®

In many cases, some editing of data modules is needed to comply with the specification.


Created and modified using S1000D compliance tools

For example, PTC Isodraw®

Provisioning & Illustration Hot Spot Incorporation

Using our PTC Provisioning Manager® system JANA provides provisioning to meet S2000M deliverables

Remote Authoring & Review Capabilities

Keep our clients in control of their data.

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